New Hermes Manuals and Catalogs

Below are a collection of New Hermes catalogs and Manuals that have been scanned.  These provide extremely helpful and hard to find information on legacy New Hermes equipment and fonts.  The Master Copy Type catalogs are invaluable for determining the New Hermes part number that correlates to unlabeled fonts.

We will continue to digitize and add any other legacy New Hermes manuals and catalogs as we find them.

Click on the images to open the PDF file for each Manual / Catalog.

Have a manual or catalog we can add to our collection?  Please contact us with the details!

New Hermes Master Copy Type Font catalogs and Accessories catalogs




Brass Master Copy Type Catalog #249




Brass Master Copy Type Catalog #652




Brass Master Copy Type Catalog 1981




Illustrated Accessories Catalog 1981




Engraving Machines and Accessories & Brass Master Copy Type 1987

New Hermes Illustrated Price list – 1974


New Hermes Equipment manuals




Hermes Safety Saw user manual




Hermes B-5 Beveler/Corner Rounder user manual



Operating Instructions for New Hermes Engraving Machines,
Models: I-M, M-II, I-L, I-LK, ITF-K, ITX, IRX, IRX-K




Instructions for the installation of the 1:1 Pantograph




Hermes ITX-L/GTX-L, ITX-3/GTX-3 user manual

Misc. other New Hermes info




Hermes ITX-L/GTX-L, ITX-3/GTX-3 user manual

Custom engraved products